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Where is is located in Northeast Philadelphia and operates in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and metro New York. Area. (View Map & Directions)

How long does it take to receive an offer on my car? will process your Vehicle Appraisal Form and call you to to make you an offer within 48 hours of your initial inquiry.

How long does it take to get my money?

If we pick up your car you will be mailed a check via DHL two day service within 24 hours. If your vehicle is picked up on a Friday, a check will go out that Monday. If you have a pay-off we will overnight a payment to your lending institution within 24 hours of picking up your vehicle. If you bring your car to our location you will be paid on the spot.

What if I have a payoff or a buyout?

All payoffs and lease buyouts will be made with certified funds to your lending institution. Once a payoff has been verified, excess funds can be disbursed to you immediately. If you owe more than the pay-off on your vehicle, you will be obligated to pay us the difference between the value of your car and the pay-off. We require
cash, a certified check or bank check for any balances due on your vehicle that exceed the amount of the payoff. If you are buying another vehicle through one of our network dealers, they may be able to roll some portion of the balance into your new loan. to top of page

What if I do not have my title? can handle all of your titling needs. If you lost your title we can help you get a duplicate. If you have a payoff or a lease buyout we will arrange for the vehicle to be paid off and the title to be transferred. We have title clerks on our premises.

What is the difference between and all the other companies that offer trade-in values?

The main difference between and other internet pricing services is that we back our values with CASH. Our years of experience in the automobile industry has given us the knowledge we need to know the market value of your car. is the only Internet Company that will PAY CASH FOR YOUR CAR.

What if the dealer will not accept my Guaranteed Cash Voucher?

Network Dealers- The only instances where a dealer may opt not to accept your voucher are as follows:
1. If your vehicle has been described inaccurately on our Vehicle Appraisal Form that you have submitted from the site.
2. If an error occurred in the processing of the form causing some portion of the Vehicle Appraisal Form to be incorrect
3. If your Guaranteed Cash Voucher does not match the Guaranteed Cash Voucher that the dealer received in his ‘Dealer Referral Packet”

Non-Network Dealers-
If you are shopping for a car at a non-network dealer, you can show them your Guaranteed Cash Voucher. Any Non-Network Dealer must call us at 215-992-2728 to validate your voucher. A dealer representative must confirm that your vehicle’s condition matches the Appraisal Form on your Guaranteed Cash Voucher. Remember, your Cash Voucher will always be honored at our location.

How long does it take?

The longest part of the process is when you are filling out the appraisal sheet. Once we have your information we will get back to you within 24 hours. If we are purchasing your car the transaction takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Why should I sell my vehicle to takes the hassle out of selling your car! If you decide to sell your car privately, you have the risk of dealing with strangers coming to your home, phone calls all hours of the day, missed appointments, payment, titling and transfer problems. Also if something goes wrong with the car you sold privately the buyer can sue you for damages later. We buy cars “As Is” and all of our purchases are final. One other thing, our money is GUARANTEED (cash or certified funds!).

Why should I let guarantee my trade?

Shopping for a new or used vehicle can be very confusing. One of the confusing factors is the trade -in value. Dealers will often show you an inflated value for your trade-in by offering you a smaller discount on the new car. It is better to negotiate your best deal on the new car, without factoring in the trade-in value. Once you have negotiated your best deal on the new car, just subtract your Guaranteed Trade Voucher to get your final price.

Why should I let help me get out of my lease?

We do so much business with all the lending institution and major leasing companies that we can actually negotiate your buyout for you saving you sometimes thousands of dollars. In some cases the residual value of your lease car is calculated too low and when you turn in your lease vehicle there is still equity left that you are entitled to. If you are over on the miles we do not deduct as much for the miles as your leasing company. Our goal is to buy your car. Anything we can do to maximize your benefits will help you and afford us an opportunity to make a purchase.

What is the territory of operation for

Our corporate offices are located in Philadelphia, PA and Southern New Jersey. We operate in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and the New York Metropolitan Area We are currently planning expansion to other states so if we are not operating in your area we will be soon.
If we do not have any Network Dealers in your area? We will refer you to our closest Network Dealer or you can bring your vehicle to our location. .

What if I want to deal with a dealer that is not one of’s Network Dealers.

One of our reps will gladly speak to the dealer of your choice to instruct them in the procedure for accepting your Guaranteed Cash Voucher. Please have the dealer call the phone number on the front of your Guaranteed Cash Voucher.

Am I obligated to sell my car if I use their service?

You are NOT obligated to sell us your car, if you use our service.