Customers speak about their experiences with USACarBuyers.com

“Thanks Michael. That’s a quality company you have over there. I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first about selling the car to company who found me on the internet. These days, you can’t be too careful. You can’t tell if it’s an actual company or a scam artist with a basement in his computer. But you guys definitely are top notch. Lynne was more than helpful too.”
– Stefano
“I went shopping to buy my first new car. I had a 1993 Sunbird that was handed down to me by my family to trade in. I went to different dealers and got so many different prices for my trade, depending how much the new car cost, that I started getting very confused. I then went on the Internet and got a new set of different values for my trade from the well know “book values” that are available. I noticed that none of the books would send me a check or guarantee the value in writing . Then I found USACarBuyers and they were able to give me a real value, backed in writing, for my trade and would write me a check for my car if I decided not to trade. I went to my local New Car Dealer armed with my Trade-in Certificate in hand and they greeted me with open arms, gave me a super cash price for the new car that I wanted, and subtracted the Trade-in Certificate price from the total. Thanks again for all your help making my car buying experience so crystal clear.”
– Brandon Tucker, Warwick, PA
“I was permanently disabled on the job and I couldn’t drive. I went to USACarBuyers.com and they came to my rescue like a long lost friend. They paid my loan off and put $800.00 in my pocket. It was like a giant weight lifted off of my shoulders. They treated me like I was family. Thanks again, USACarBuyers.com.”
– Dave Decker, Warminster, PA
“I had gone over the allowed mileage on my leased vehicle. Looking at a stiff penalty I turned to USACarBuyers.com. They negotiated a lower buy out for me and purchased my car. The total savings was about a thousand dollars. I would and do recommend USACarBuyers.com to anyone who is leasing a vehicle. Do yourself a favor and contact them first, before you turn in your lease vehicle.”
– Linda Shapiro, Philadelphia, PA
“I was ready to turn in my leased Toyota 4-Runner to the bank when a friend suggested I use USACarBuyers.com before doing so. I’m so glad I did. Within 24 hours, they paid off my lease and gave me $1500.00 in cash. Now I give the same advise to my friends. Do not turn in your leased vehicle until you click on USACarBuyers.com.”
– Steve Rosen, Holland, PA
“Being an owner operator of my own leasing company, I utilize all of my time taking care of my clients. I re-lease my customers before they come to full term on their leases. I exclusively use USACarBuyers.com to purchase all of my early termination vehicles. With the aggressive values I receive from USACarBuyers.com I am able to keep a loyal customer base. Their professionalism is in keeping with the high standards I demand for my customers.”
– Bob Norman, Langhorne, PA
“As a federal saving bank program coordinator in the auto serviced department, we occasionally have vehicles for sale. Consistently USACarBuyers.com has been one of the highest bidders of these repositions. Their professionalism and integrity make it a real pleasure doing business with them.”
– John W. Stone. New Hope, PA
“I was in the market for a new car and I didn’t know what the value of my car was. I went on line to USACarBuyers.com and got a guaranteed price on my trade in writing. I went to my local dealership and negotiated my best deal without my trade to eliminate the smoke and mirrors. After I got the best deal I gave the dealer the keys to my trade and my cash certificate. It really simplified the process and I was able to compare prices without the confusion of the trade-in. USACarBuyers.com is a must for sharp shoppers like my self.”
– Heidi Wainscot, Bear, DE
“One of my insurance clients passed away and the family had to travel from overseas to settle the estate. In the estate was a very expensive automobile that they had tried to sell on their own. After trying desperately to find a qualified buyer through the newspaper they called me for advice. I advised them to contact USACarBuyers.com.com. Within 24 hours they had a check in their hand and were on their way back home. They were so impressed with the professionalism in which they were treated that they could not thank me enough.”
– Gary Gandelman, Lawrenceville, NJ